Qigong and Taoist Meditation Instruction
This is Moses. I teach qigong and Taoist meditation in San Francisco. Now, I really don't have time to teach meditation and I'm sort of a hermit, but it's a karmic responsibility to teach. As a result, I accept a limited number of deeply committed and dedicated students in the private study of qigong and neo-taoist meditation. New classes begin in September 2007, with location to be announced.

If you want to know something about me... I've trained in meditation and internal martial arts for over thirty years. I've studied Tai Chi Ch’uan, Wing Chun, Hsing I, I Ch’uan, western boxing and various forms of Taoist and Buddhist meditation from several notable masters, including Master Gate Chan, Grandmaster Henry Look, Dr. Daniel Lee (Bruce Lee’s #4 student), Benjamin Lo, Abraham Liu, Hawkins Cheung, Don Stewart (who was George Foreman’s trainer) and several others. I am indebted to these generous teachers. I have studied many systems of meditation, but the primary system of meditation that I practice is based on a techniques from the Complete Reality school of traditional Taoism, into which I was initiated in 1981. My training in Taoist and Buddhist meditation has helped me to become a human behaviorist, with unique insights into human behavior, motivation, discipline, depth psychology, mindfulness, and the Noble Eightfold Path. The lifelong pursuit in tai chi and ch’i gung has helped me to develop new approaches to shaping character and a radically open approach to spirituality, for both myself and my students.

My approach to Taoist and Buddhist meditation has infused the rest of my life, and as a result, I've attempted to live the life of a modern Taoist. Early in life, I was a physicist trained at Caltech; I was sort of a legend in videogame design when I helped to invent Internet games; I took an uncapitalized software startup and built it into the 97th largest, 7th fastest growing, and 11th most profitable in the country; I co-developed with IBM the first specification for universal identity on the Internet. On the personal front, I've written book of Taoist poetry, I'm the founder of something called TantraTV – a new venture that aims to deliver tantric education via the Internet, and I manage a small independent film production company through which I'm directing my first feature film in late 2007 - a film with Taoist leanings.

My philosophy of meditation is simple and clear: “I believe that the initial goal of meditation is to balance the internal energies and activate the chakras – spiritual power centers – in order to progress into a series of higher insights, starting with forming a connection to a higher state of awareness within ourselves and with the benevolent universal energy that surrounds us. I believe that, through meditation, it is possible for all of us to tap into the “suchness” and beauty of the present moment, when the mind becomes still and we can finally see a core of bliss within the “diamond of this moment”. Thus, what I teach is beyond words. It is based on direct experience. If our livelihood, our relationships, and our moment to moment lives can draw strength from this source of wisdom/energy, then an amazing life will flow.”

I will not provide contact information, because if you are reading this, you were most likely referred by someone, and they will have provided you with a way to contact me.

However, if you came to me by chance and luck... then consider finding me your first task. And it's not fair to use Google!


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