Yep, this is Moses' personal page.

This is where you get the see the real Mo, in action!


I am attempting to live the life of a modern Taoist. Over the years, I've enjoyed being a videogame designer, an artist, an internet visionary, a high tech entrepreneur, a physicist, a Buddhist, and a martial artist. And these days, I'm running a scrappy little venture accelerator... and now a filmmaker. But man, it's hard work.

Anyway, in my heart, I'm a poet.

Here's more about what I do for fun and profit:


If you visit, you can learn more about this venture accelerator I work at.

It's a rough and tumble new ventures kinda thing. Sort of like being a business samurai, in the Silicon Valley shogunate.

Also, I was the executive producer of a couple of high tech conferences. One was The Cameraphone Summit, all about mobile imaging and multimedia markets, and was held in Maui in 2004. (Much thanks to our sponsors - Nokia, HP and Epson for your generosity in making it happen!) I also helped produce an executive networking summit in the wireless sector, that was held in a cozy little ski villa near Salzburg in 2005. I'm working on a conference about corporate innovation, and maybe even a digital film festival.

On the side, I edited a technology newsletter: The Next Big Thing. You can download a free sample issue by clicking here. Please note that we went on a permanent sabbatical. I was writing it mainly to keep sharp.

And if you're interesting in seeing my fifteen minutes of fame in Time Magazine, click here.


My latest "hobby" is making movies. Although, I'm sure that based on the amount of money I've sunk into this hobby, it's more likely to be classified as an addiction. Anyway, if you want to see more, check out my indie production company at:

Litttle Taoist Films.

To see a camera test I did for a forthcoming film - The Dakini, click here.

Fingers crossed we go into principal photography in 2010! Please!


To read a few of my poems, click here.

Also, here's a PDF of a set of poems I gave away at Burning Man...

And as long as we're talking about Burning Man, click here to read

a few of my observations about Burning Man after my first time there!

Anyway, back to poetry, I'd be thrilled if you could buy a copy of my book of poems...

it's titled Dharma Baby and available at Lulu Press.

Thanks so much, if you did. Really 'preciate it!


To look at a few of my photos, click here.


I'm a songwriter and lyricist. Not a particularly good one, but I manage to have fun.

If you'd like to hear a couple of my songs, click here.

I produced these with my music partner, MoreyG, who passed away last year.

I love you, Morey!


I've got a bunch of ideas about Taoism, Buddhism and the search for Enlightenment.

What can I say... I gotta be me. Anyway, click here to find out more.


If you want a glimpse inside my mind, or a peek into the stream of my daily thoughts, please check out my blog at:


Someone recently suggested that I create a "wish list" and just put it out there.

Who am I to argue with such wisdom. If you can satisfy any of these "wishes" please let me know:

My Wish List


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take...
but by the moments that take our breath away.

Here are a few other quotes.


I've been having fun. For example, a few of the fun things I've been doing: (i) I've been roadbiking with a bunch of wacky Buddhist bikers - you can find out more at, (ii) I've been teaching myself to paint in egg tempera - learning only how amazingly difficult it is to mix colors accurately, and (iii) I'm writing a book about the future of financial services and the Net. Oh, and I finally went to Burning Man, and totally loved it. If you want to chitchat about any of this stuff, drop me a line.

Here's a pix of me on the Dharma Wheels Buddhist Biking Pilgrimage, a 145 mile ride from temple to temple:

Here's a pix of me on the 38 Geary bus, which is a pretty surreal experience (woo hoo! go public transit!)...


And this is me as a SouthPark character...


Finally, you should note that as unique as my name is, there IS another Moses Ma in the world. He went to M.I.T, works back east as a consultant, and was a "notable" bridge player. I am not that Moses. I went to Caltech and never had time for bridge during college. (Hmm, I guess this means that Caltech is a harder school than MIT!) Anyway, I met my "evil twin" once, and he's an okay guy. Looks kinda like me, same age, so I can understand the confusion. I think he lives in Boston now. Other famous Ma's I'm not related to include Yoyo Ma, the famous cellist, and White Powder Ma, the world's most famous heroin smuggler. Anyway, here's a rare pix of the two us (that's me on the right, without glasses), having run into each other by accident in a hotel that was crossing our phone calls:

Well, that's it for now, see ya around...

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