My wish list

Okay, get ready for it!

Here's my wishlist for the things I want out of life:

1) I want to "summer" in Europe, sometimes in France and sometimes in Italy, and be surrounded by friends, artists, family... and enjoy fine food, wine, and witty conversations around the table, just like they do in those really cool European films.

2) I want to retire (rich as sin, please) from high tech and make beautiful and brilliant movies.

3) I want to teach Tai Chi and Taoist meditation well into my 100s.

4) I want that cute little new Mercedes 500 SL.

5) I want my family and friends to enjoy health and happiness forever.

6) Happy globetrotting for the rest of my life.

7) I want to own a Picasso.

8) I want a house with an interior courtyard in San Francisco, that I can convert into a martial arts and meditation studio, sorta like that house in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

9) I want to be able to telekinetically move objects with my ch'i, like my teacher's teacher was able to do. Wouldn't that be neat?

10) I want to achieve a state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi in deep meditation

and finally

10) World Peace Please!


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